Needed Distance

Distance engenders sadness; yet, it can also create a sense of mystic that’s much needed in any type of relationship. Being open to others about either who we are or what we are after is said to be the way; just like many things that sound good in theory but prove to be impractical inContinue reading “Needed Distance”

Early Morning Thought

Creating a family isn’t easy. Maintaining it is even harder. Maneuvering family dynamics is not a child’s play; as a matter of fact, the longer I live with my own, understanding its embedded dynamics, the more I feel like there’s a mandatory course needed in every school to teach all members of the society howContinue reading “Early Morning Thought”

Family Estrangement

As an adult, many concepts that once seemed too elusive to relate to have become the bits and pieces that make up my daily life. Love is no longer an unchanged paradise that I once dreamed of; money is no longer the ultimate key to access the secret room of a happy heart that IContinue reading “Family Estrangement”

What Was Once…Is No Longer The Case

What was once foreign will eventually become familiar, what was once taboo will eventually become normal, what was once intimate will eventually become distant, and what was once stagnant will eventually become active. Things are always changing. Every ticking sound of a clock notifies us the vanishing of the past and the arrival of theContinue reading “What Was Once…Is No Longer The Case”

Is That You?

I am sitting here in the subway train, picturing you. Are you the one, who has got that black blazer on or, the one, whose wavy hair is blown forward and backward, uncontrollably, by the tunnel wind? I am in and out of this steel container, day after day, week after week, hoping that weContinue reading “Is That You?”

A Hacked Site

An adultery website recently got hacked. Instead of condemning the act of hacking as invasive and criminal, many people rush to criticize the business nature of this particular website and the clientele that it caters to. Adultery is looked down upon throughout human history. As conventionally rebuked as it is, it keeps happening incessantly. OneContinue reading “A Hacked Site”

Take It All In

I have walked this stretch of the Yonge street countless times. The sight of the church tower, the street lamps and the traffic has become so ordinary to me that I, oftentimes, don’t give it a second look. As I took an evening stroll the other day, I stopped myself in an empty street toContinue reading “Take It All In”

Get Married In Twenties

I just watched Kevin O’Leary, a Canadian entrepreneur, investor, journalist, writer, financial commentator and television personality, express his personal view on marriage on a Canadian talk-show. Kevin said that one of the regrets that he had in life was that he didn’t get married in his twenties. According to him, if he had had his children in hisContinue reading “Get Married In Twenties”