Christmas Eve 2016

Another year has come and gone. Many of us have learned to go with the flow. We can’t help but ask ourselves at times, “what have I learned by being in sync with life?” At year end, we like to reflect on what has come to pass, because we are made to believe that onlyContinue reading “Christmas Eve 2016”


So many things to see and so many places to go, I wonder how we can do it all at once. We strive hard to be on par with our colleagues, while doing our best to nurture our specialty; I wonder if personal effort alone is enough to make us a standout among a seaContinue reading “Self-questioning”

How Many Times Can One Introduce Oneself?

How many times can My name is…be used before it is exhausted to the bone? We may get tired of doing the same thing over and over; however, the necessity in the doing, at times, forces us to put up with the incessant repetition in order to finish the tasks at hand. Tell me aboutContinue reading “How Many Times Can One Introduce Oneself?”

Continuing To Be A Dream Chaser

I chase my Canadian dream relentlessly, because the fighting spirit, an elusive commodity, which can only be truly obtained through physical labor, whose preciousness can never be precisely equated with monetary values, energizes me profoundly. Once self-considered to be one of those, who would comfortably reside in his world of familiarity for this lifetime, myContinue reading “Continuing To Be A Dream Chaser”

Needed Distance

Distance engenders sadness; yet, it can also create a sense of mystic that’s much needed in any type of relationship. Being open to others about either who we are or what we are after is said to be the way; just like many things that sound good in theory but prove to be impractical inContinue reading “Needed Distance”