Continuing To Be A Dream Chaser

I chase my Canadian dream relentlessly, because the fighting spirit, an elusive commodity, which can only be truly obtained through physical labor, whose preciousness can never be precisely equated with monetary values, energizes me profoundly. Once self-considered to be one of those, who would comfortably reside in his world of familiarity for this lifetime, myContinue reading “Continuing To Be A Dream Chaser”


Repetition makes us learn; Repetition forms habits; Repetition is the way of life; Repetition is the pattern of arts. We repeat the same information to ourselves to memorize it; We repeat the same routines in our lives to make us feel secure; We repeat the arches to construct architecture; And, we repeat the same seasonalContinue reading “Repetition”

Adults Behave Like Children

Young kids make mistakes, because they don’t know better. Adults make mistakes at times, because some of us simply don’t care. If I were to ask which one is worse, I would say the adults. The reason being is that when we know better, we have to do better. It is winter season in Toronto,Continue reading “Adults Behave Like Children”

Put On A Smile

Working in a customer service industry, one of the essential abilities is smile. Everyone in this industry has this ability. Do all of them put it to use so that they can come across as someone competent in their job? No! Customer is always right. Customer service industry is all about serving people. Whoever worksContinue reading “Put On A Smile”

House Chores

There are many things that can remind us of our family. When we are far away from our loved ones, the instant association of one object with one particular family member seems to happen that much more easily. In my case, instead of the instant object association, it is my daily juggling of house choresContinue reading “House Chores”

Lackadaisical Staffs At Canadian Tire

In 2014, more and more shops are shut down everyday and more and more retail spaces become available by the minute. Many business owners, whose business isn’t in a healthy state, tend to blame the rise of Internet partly for the decrease of their revenues. As a consumer, I would say to them that hiringContinue reading “Lackadaisical Staffs At Canadian Tire”

One-sided Kindness

The moment when we start to feel obligated to do things that we are not obligated to for someone else, is this the right time to stop doing it? In life, we, at times, feel compelled to assist others in certain endeavor, because we, ourselves, have personally experienced its various life-improving benefits and hence wouldContinue reading “One-sided Kindness”

Words+Action=Good Reputation

Maintaining a good reputation in the eyes of others takes promising words and consistent action in order to showcase our dependability and trustworthiness. Empty promise is the fastest way to destroy a reputation that we might have spent a long time building. There’s a guy in my public speaking club. When I first met himContinue reading “Words+Action=Good Reputation”