My Sense Of Luxury

I was watching JacksGap videos on a Boxing Day morning in Toronto. Jack Harries’ well-produced traveling vlogs really intrigued me. From Europe to Asia, from Asia to North America, his personal traveling video diaries made me really want to be a part of his globe-trotting entourage. A sense of genuine admiration was awakened in meContinue reading “My Sense Of Luxury”

Dirty Laundry

I wish that I could be kind and sweet at all time, but I am not. I can be judgmental, critical, and egotistic at certain time of the day. I used to and, still, fight it so hard against these negative emotions; that being said, I have learned to embrace and accept them, because IContinue reading “Dirty Laundry”

A Pair Of New Shoes

I am not an over spender. This is one of the personal traits that I like about myself. I am not subscribed to the thinking of Robert Kiyosaki, who crusades the ideology of spending more to attract richness. I believe in spending within my means. As good as it is to appreciate the value ofContinue reading “A Pair Of New Shoes”

Un Rêve Irréaliste

Il y a toute sorte de gens dans le monde. Bien que je veuille faire des amis avec toutes et tous, je me suis rendu compte qu’il est un rêve irréaliste. Il y en a toujours ceux et celle, qui donnent une aura froide. Si je ne m’initiais pas à les engager dans une conversation,Continue reading “Un Rêve Irréaliste”

I Don’t Want To Turn Back Time

Many of us wish to have the power to turn back time, so much so that incalculable amount of money is willingly spent on tricks and methods; each and every year, notably in the realm of technology and cosmetics, to hold onto this seemingly impossible obsession of ours. This obsession is partly flamed by theContinue reading “I Don’t Want To Turn Back Time”


Hope, we all need to have it under any circumstance. At the moment when self-deprecating thoughts are setting in, holding on to the possibility of hope is more important than ever. My mother once told me after I had lost my way, “you have got to be hopeful. If you didn’t have hope, what elseContinue reading “Hope”

Unplanned Events

Sometimes in life, we just cannot plan ahead. If you have been alive for more than two decades on this planet Earth, you certainly understand what I mean. Parents usually say that in order for us to avoid making mistakes, advanced preparation is needed. I am in 100% agreement with this teaching. That being said,Continue reading “Unplanned Events”

Journey or Destination

As we are giving our all to realize our dreams, we hear quite often the importance of focusing on the journey; rather than on the destination. As I was watching one of my favorite TV shows, The Amazing Race, minutes ago, this century long wisdom did ring true for me. Our Life is like anContinue reading “Journey or Destination”