Real Smile

Sitting in front of my laptop and watching my favorite reality competition shows on YouTube, I oftentimes catch myself smiling with some of the show contestants, who have been a winner of their respective challenges. I smile with them, because I know how difficult it is to be a stand out in the crowd. IContinue reading “Real Smile”

Kids Do Need Their Own Privacy

What is like having so much space to oneself in a big house? I often wonder. Growing up in an apartment, where relatives would come by for meals on a daily basis, I’d never really felt that my personal privacy was respected by the adults in the family. Maybe they thought that kids didn’t needContinue reading “Kids Do Need Their Own Privacy”

Entering A New Year Is Like Attempting To Read A New Book

A new beginning is exciting and refreshing. With the brand new year just a few days away, many people are looking forward to a brand new start to either keep the momentum that they have built in 2014 going or leave all the setback and disappointment that they have experienced over the course of thisContinue reading “Entering A New Year Is Like Attempting To Read A New Book”

I’m Doing Okay

Does what we say honestly reflect how we feel on the inside? As a kid, I was taught to greet strangers with “How do you do?” and friends with “How are you?” Nowadays, no longer do we have a clear distinction between the usage of these two expressions, both of which are meant to seekContinue reading “I’m Doing Okay”