Alternative Masculinity

Conventionally speaking, physical toughness and unemotionality sum up the basic essences of masculinity. This patriarch presupposition that men should always be both of the insider and the leader of a collective group not only denies the wider recognition of the diversity that exists under the conceptual umbrella of what constitutes a manly behavioral codes ofContinue reading “Alternative Masculinity”

Blond Ambition

Have you ever heard of “Brunette Ambition”? No? Me neither. Why? Because a term as such has never become popular in our social discourse. What about “Blond Ambition”, have you heard of it? Yes! Me too, because it is so widely popular in the culture at large, not only in the West, but also inContinue reading “Blond Ambition”


Some people do not believe in life after death but practice Feng Shui in their lives. In their opinion, Feng Shui is not about future prediction; rather, serves as a general advisory of the potential bad luck; as well as the careless decision-making that may disturb our peace of mind and cost us dearly onContinue reading “#OscarsSowhite”

Perceptions, Not Facts

Is first impression everything? Yes, it pretty much is in this era, because first impression; or rather, others’ perception of us, can either help us start a career or make us become the face of stereotypes that are narrow-mindedly fabricated on the basis of our ethnicity, gender, class, or other variables. People do not likeContinue reading “Perceptions, Not Facts”

Diplomatic Pretense

It is hard to see people’s true color in the real world. In the cyber world, it is a different story. Countless fake and private social media accounts provide those, who don’t feel comfortable expressing their disdain, with an outlet to vent their internally harbored negativity openly without having to worry about the individual repercussionContinue reading “Diplomatic Pretense”

Eyes On Reality

Eyes are windows to our soul. In a blink of a second, a magical yet unspoken, intuitive connection can be established. Some of our eyes are brown. Some are blue. And, some are somewhere in between. Although all eyes are born with the same functions and abilities; however, not all are being celebrated equally, ofContinue reading “Eyes On Reality”

Black History Month In Canada

February is Black History Month in Canada. In this month, all Canadians are called to recognize, honor and celebrate, collectively, the contributions that Black Canadians have made for this country on both of the national and international levels. One of the key reasons why a month of this type was designated in the first placeContinue reading “Black History Month In Canada”

A Few Questions

This image, which was featured on Huffington Post, makes me want to pose a few questions. Since stereotyping is never complementary, why do many among us keep doing it? Does stereotyping have to do with our desire to assert some kind of superiority over others when we are vulnerable and insecure of who we are?Continue reading “A Few Questions”

Look Beyond

When we see an interracial couple, we see colors. When we see parents with their baby, who is of a difference race, we see colors. Do we all have the capacity to look beyond the race and skin color? The answer is yes. Although race and skin color are personal traits that we notice firstContinue reading “Look Beyond”

Striking Beauty

The magazine rack is a place, where beauties gather. While waiting in line to pay for our groceries, taking a glance at all the magazine covers, we will notice, inevitably, only one kind of beauty that is predominantly being widely celebrated in our society; that is of the Caucasian. I appreciate Caucasian beauty. That beingContinue reading “Striking Beauty”