Morning Thought

It can be difficult to feel happy for others when our lives are in the dump. As much as we try to be high and cheerful, we can’t help but also notice the circumstance that we are under. I was told many times that to help someone else in need was to help myself. True!Continue reading “Morning Thought”


First impression is important. Admit it or not, we all make snap judgment of things and people that we come across for the first time. To create a good first impression, we all need to pay attention to the way, in which we carry ourselves in public, as well as the level of courtesy thatContinue reading “Politeness”

Cold Day Q&A

Today is another freezing day in the beautiful city of Toronto. Although the sun is shining and the air is crisp; however, it is still hard not to be bogged down by the minus double digit temperature. When the day is cold, we long for a warm paradise. When the day is warm, we longContinue reading “Cold Day Q&A”