Attitude Is Everything

Many people in Toronto love to complain about the public transit services. Sure, it is not the fastest and the most efficient, but it is not the worst. Having lived in other cities and used the local public transit, I have learned to appreciate the one that I get to enjoy in my own town.Continue reading “Attitude Is Everything”


Manspreading, a public demeanor that some Torontonians are urging Toronto Transit Commission to ban in its subway trains and buses. For those of you, who don’t know what manspreading is, please allow me to keep you up-to-date with the latest letter coupling. Manspreading is meant to describe a male transit rider that spreads both ofContinue reading “Manspreading”

What A Bumpy TTC Ride Has Made Me Relearn

Many Torontonians complain about the services provided by Toronto Transit Commissions. For most of the dissatisfied customers, I’m sure that they would like to teach TTC staffs a few lessons. On this past Tuesday evening, I was made to relearn one of life’s valuable lessons while riding the Red Rocket. It was eleven o’clock inContinue reading “What A Bumpy TTC Ride Has Made Me Relearn”