Engaging The Audience With Our Eyes

One of the factors that most frightens people when it comes to public speaking is eye contact. Speaking from my personal observation, using our eyes to engage and interact with the audience is just as important as having effective hand gestures. Speaking in front of a group of people, having an engaging eye contact isContinue reading “Engaging The Audience With Our Eyes”

What Is Commitment

Commitment is a promise that we make to others, and, more importantly, to ourselves in order to bring a specific goal to its fruition, regardless of the amount of inconvenience and obstacles that we have to deal with and to overcome along the way. Action speaks louder than words. This adage can not have beenContinue reading “What Is Commitment”

You Know…Uh…

Communication is important. It is particularly so when we have something to sell or promote. Knowledge and communication are like a pair of inseparable couple, one can’t succeed without depending on the other. Often time, what causes friction between them isn’t anything else but the avoidable verbal pause fillers. While listening to a radio interviewContinue reading “You Know…Uh…”

Controlling The Fear Of Public Speaking

If you are an avid reader, you probably have noticed that there are two subjects, which have been written over and over again by countless authors in the self-help category. These two subjects are how to find love and how to manage fear. Since there are plenty of daytime experts, the likes of Dr. Phil,Continue reading “Controlling The Fear Of Public Speaking”

Reflection On My Journey As A Leader

It is never easy to take on a leadership position. As I look back on my journey as one of the leaders of a speaking club over the course of this past year, I realize how much encouragement and feedback given to me by fellow members have helped me grow as a person and becomeContinue reading “Reflection On My Journey As A Leader”

7 Personality Traits of a Great Leader~Jim Rohn

  Learn to be strong but not rude; Learn to be kind but not weak; Learn to be bold but not a bully; You’ve got to learn to be humble but not timid; Be proud but not arrogant; Develop humor without folly; Lastly, deal in realities.  

Ce Qui Me Séduit

Les gens, qui s’expriment bien, me séduisent. Grâce à ses capacités de se présenter physiquement et oralement d’une manière enchantée devant les gens, ce type de gens là ont plus des trucs de nous faire croire à ce qu’ils disent, n’importe que nous sommes d’accord ou non avec le contenu de ses paroles. Hier soir,Continue reading “Ce Qui Me Séduit”