Family Drama

Not only is family a place, where love fest takes place, it can also be a hub, in which dramas escalate and hatreds spread in silence. The multi-layered complexity, which exists in a familial environment, can never be underestimated and ignored, even if we want to, because the cliché solution, such as ignorance is bliss,Continue reading “Family Drama”

April’s Day

On this April’s day, snowflakes are falling down incessantly. They are like tears of the Mother Nature, lamenting over not only the inescapable passage of time but also the imminent arrival of an unknown start. Starting afresh isn’t like a walk in the park. Starting afresh under a teary sky is even harder-not knowing whatContinue reading “April’s Day”

Blind Gossip

I discovered a Blind Gossip website yesterday. It is a celebrity gossip site that aims to expose and report, anonymously, the secret life of the rich and famous. The “blindness” nature of this site protects the site creators, as well as the scoop providers from potential lawsuits and other legal troubles, served by the accusedContinue reading “Blind Gossip”

A Weirdo Like Me

Is it possible to be born into one culture but be more in love with another? Is it OK to grow up, speaking one language, but feel more natural, contemplating and self-expressing in another later on in life? I know these two questions paint a portrayal of bizarreness in the mind of some, and IContinue reading “A Weirdo Like Me”

Gene Moore & Afterthought On Being Imperfect

Why strive for perfection when being imperfect can galvanize the attention of an entire street? I learned yesterday that Gene Moore, the deceased legendary window display artist, who was instrumental in contributing to the iconic rise of Tiffany & Company in contemporary pop culture, broke the mode of his time, once he took over theContinue reading “Gene Moore & Afterthought On Being Imperfect”

What Do You Do

When you meet someone new for the first time, do you feel the desire to find out what that person does professionally? When you are introduced to someone new for the first time, do you feel obliged to disclose what you do as a career? For some, what they do as a profession defines them,Continue reading “What Do You Do”

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Have you been told not to sweat the small stuff? I am sure you have. I have, too. I am sure that almost all grown-ups have been told, at some point of our lives, that letting small, and insignificant annoyances disturb our peace of mind is just not worth it. If it is not aContinue reading “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff”

Should I Learn To Swear?

I have never been fond of using curse words to vent my negative emotions, because I find this type of self-expression to be indicative of bad manner. My family upbringing has wired me to consider those, who need to resort to use curse words to express their anger and frustration as uneducated; an unfair portrayalContinue reading “Should I Learn To Swear?”

Rise of Vinyl

It is said that vinyl is on the rise again. It is interesting to see that in this age of ITunes and Spotify, more and more people are looking for a sense of nostalgia in pieces of plastic records. The sound that exudes from vinyl is deep and rich. The now and then crackling thatContinue reading “Rise of Vinyl”

Is That You?

I am sitting here in the subway train, picturing you. Are you the one, who has got that black blazer on or, the one, whose wavy hair is blown forward and backward, uncontrollably, by the tunnel wind? I am in and out of this steel container, day after day, week after week, hoping that weContinue reading “Is That You?”