Time is the most valuable commodity and determinant of this world. The immeasurable nature of time determines the measurable nature of the material world. Having enough time to wait, the value of the material objects increases. Not having enough time to enjoy, the increased value of the material objects means nothing. Donating time to anContinue reading “Time”

Wil Wheaton’s Response To A Little Girl On How He Coped With Being Called A Nerd

Outer Beauty

Inner beauty certainly has more sustaining power than the outer one does. That being said, before we have the opportunity to shake hand with, talk to and get to know the other person, outer beauty unquestionably has more appeal than the inner one does.

A Chinese Saying

There is a well-known Chinese saying, “we can give our best effort, trying to make our dream a reality. That being said, the fruition of our dream is also determined by a power greater than ours.” Quite often, we are taught and trained by our family, and society to be the creator and driver ofContinue reading “A Chinese Saying”

How Do You See Yourself?~Louise L. Hay

For generations, we have allowed the numbers that correspond to how many years we have been on the planet to tell us how to feel and how to behave. As with any other aspect of life, what we mentally accept and believe becomes true for us. Well, it is time to change our beliefs aboutContinue reading “How Do You See Yourself?~Louise L. Hay”