Canada’s Election 2015 Actors=Politicians

Canada’s main political party leaders are headed into their final debate on this Friday evening before October 19th, the chosen federal election date. Political campaigns are at times like a series of soap opera, which are oftentimes filled with attacks, backstabbing, badmouthing, revelations, and endless dramas. In general, people tend to laugh at actors, whoContinue reading “Canada’s Election 2015 Actors=Politicians”

Leaders Should Lead, In All Ways

Adults are supposed to be modeling good behaviors. Adults are supposed to be setting good examples for youngsters to emulate. As someone, who’s been following the Toronto Mayoral race debates, I am appalled and disappointed by some of the revelatory instances over the course of these past few weeks. 1) Bad choice of words/Name calling.Continue reading “Leaders Should Lead, In All Ways”


When someone is leading a privileged life, the daily juggling may render everything wonderful in that person’s life ordinary. At times, it takes an outsider’s perspective to remind that person just how lucky he or she is to have the opportunity to enjoy all the privileges that many people on Earth will never experience themContinue reading “Vote”