One Shovel At A Time

I saw this man the other day. He was doing his best to chart a path in the snow. Although the task was physically and mentally taxing; although the danger signs were everywhere; however, he persevered, knowing well that a walkable path could be made possible if he was committed and determined to complete theContinue reading “One Shovel At A Time”

Someone, Who’s Got It All

I walked past these statues the other day. I still don’t know in whose images that they are made out of.  One thing is for certain. These statues are supposed to replicate images of beings, either human or divine, with a high esteem. In today’s image-obsessed world, Hollywood celebrities are the ones that are givenContinue reading “Someone, Who’s Got It All”

Different Yet Similar

I’m Asian. You are Caucasian. He is Black. Although our physical attributes set us apart; however, are we really that different? We are all aspired to obtain different types of goodness and success in our lives. If we could choose, most of us would prefer a world of peace and quiet to the one ofContinue reading “Different Yet Similar”

A Smile In The Neighborhood

It was a chaotic scene in Yorkville today. An old building, which had witnessed the evolution of Toronto, through the decades, was being torn down. Walking in the neighborhood, tension, frustration, and impatience could easily be felt in the air. As I continued with my stroll, I noticed a smiley face across the street. ItContinue reading “A Smile In The Neighborhood”

A Tree’s Silhouette

What is so beautiful about the silhouette of a tree? Aside from its grandeur, it is the chaotic harmony that different tree branches have created that helps beautify the golden hour in a winter sky. There is a Native American saying, “No tree has branches so foolish as to fight among themselves.” At a time,Continue reading “A Tree’s Silhouette”


Quirkiness, we all have one. Some are more obvious, while others are more subtle. Over the years, I have gradually learned to appreciate and be proud of my quirkiness, unapologetically. It makes me stand out from a sea of crowd, where everyone is eager to assimilate. It makes me individually unique in a world, whereContinue reading “Quirkiness”