A New Native Land

We are all humans. We all want to belong. In a world, where nothing is statically permanent, a sense of belonging is more than ever sought after. A sense of belonging is usually found in a communal context, in a common history and in a shared interest. That being said, in a city, such asContinue reading “A New Native Land”

Virtue=An Endless Waiting Game

What’s with a mother’s instinct? Just by noticing a change of the social media profile picture, It can let the mom know what her child is going through on the inside, all the unspoken setback and frustration that her child is confronting, singlehandedly? I wonder often if it is a sound idea to be separatedContinue reading “Virtue=An Endless Waiting Game”


Can we reinvent the wheel? I don’t know. It seems everything that we do, dress ourselves in and create nowadays all draws inspiration from the past, something that has been invented and done by our predecessors. Many of us consider our predecessors not as trendsetters. The truth of the matter is, they were. If theyContinue reading “Past”


When we move to a new country, what we want the most, after the basic things are settled down, is assimilation. We want to become a member of the pack. We dislike being singled out as an outsider or someone different and foreign. Somehow, in trying to assimilate to the new culture, many of usContinue reading “Assimilation”

Move Your Body

As I’ve learned from my weight loss journey, physical exercises and predominantly green-based diets are the ultimate way to maintain not only a desirable physical appearance, but also a confident inner state in the long run. Wishful thinking won’t do a thing. Commercial statement, such as “I can wear this belt all day and won’tContinue reading “Move Your Body”