Morning Thought

It can be difficult to feel happy for others when our lives are in the dump. As much as we try to be high and cheerful, we can’t help but also notice the circumstance that we are under. I was told many times that to help someone else in need was to help myself. True!Continue reading “Morning Thought”

Flaming Red Maple Leaves

As a child, I heard about the beauty of Canadian maple leaves. Now as an adult, I, at times, can’t still believe that I get to appreciate them up close and personal. Life has an interesting way of playing with my emotions. I feel belonged to a place, where I have been residing for fifteenContinue reading “Flaming Red Maple Leaves”

A Different Type Of Celebrity

There are certain celebrities, whose names alone can make you feel inspired and motivated. Michelle Kwan is one of them. Coming across an interview of hers on YouTube, accidentally, earlier this morning, not only was I once again made to reminisce about her past brilliance on ice, but I also was impacted profoundly by theContinue reading “A Different Type Of Celebrity”