I just saw a picture on Facebook. It featured an acquaintance of mine and his French bulldog puppy. He looked so happy in the picture, while the puppy came across as somewhat mischievous. I guess all puppies are all mischievous, to a certain degree, because they are not yet fully trained to follow the rulesContinue reading “BFF”

Caged Bird

I came across this caged bird at a pet store yesterday. It was beautiful and appeared to be at ease, judging solely on its behaviors. Shortly after I left the pet store, I noticed a wild bird, hovering in the winter sky. It appeared to be free and alert. As I walked along the busyContinue reading “Caged Bird”

Different Dogs, Different Lives

If you have ever been to some small cities in countries, such as China, you would probably be heartbroken by the sight of more than ten puppies jammed and cramped into a cage, waiting to be purchased by onlookers. The horrific hygienic condition, in which those puppies spend the most vulnerable period of their lives,Continue reading “Different Dogs, Different Lives”