Commitment One-On-One

Sometimes, when we are not as competitive and qualified as others are on paper, all we have left is our commitment. Commitment is not something that can be verbalized solely on our lips. Its impact is mainly made through our demonstration in real life. Making a commitment is easy, practicing and keeping it is not.Continue reading “Commitment One-On-One”

How To Come Up With Words Of Wisdom

Have you ever wondered how come some people are able to come up with amazing words of wisdom that can influence profoundly millions of others? I have. I’ve recently come to a conclusion that their spark of genius is usually a side benefit of having sailed through the twist and turn of life and dealtContinue reading “How To Come Up With Words Of Wisdom”

Jealousy Is A Drug

All accomplished people have, at least, once been at the lowest point of both of their professional and personal lives. They all have learned a lesson or two, having lived through those unpleasant experiences. For many of them, one way of giving back to the society is through sharing with the public the life lessonsContinue reading “Jealousy Is A Drug”