What Is Commitment

Commitment is a promise that we make to others, and, more importantly, to ourselves in order to bring a specific goal to its fruition, regardless of the amount of inconvenience and obstacles that we have to deal with and to overcome along the way. Action speaks louder than words. This adage can not have beenContinue reading “What Is Commitment”

A Simple Reason Why We Shouldn’t Be Judgmental

We often hear that being judgmental is not good and some of us don’t even understand the reason why. We are taught how to differentiate the good from the bad by our parents at home, which is a form of judgment. We are taught how to analyze materials by our teachers in school, which isContinue reading “A Simple Reason Why We Shouldn’t Be Judgmental”

A Morning Walk

One of the most priceless gifts that we can ever give to our loved ones is to spend time with them. We can all offer this gift, yet not all of us are consciously aware of its accessibility, necessity, and essentiality. Spend time with your loved ones today. Time is fleeting.

A Point In Life

Have you ever gotten to a point in your life, where it seems like people around you are moving on with their lives one way or another, and you are the only one, who is turning in a circle, not knowing how your future is going to unfold? I am at such a point currentlyContinue reading “A Point In Life”

Lackadaisical Staffs At Canadian Tire

In 2014, more and more shops are shut down everyday and more and more retail spaces become available by the minute. Many business owners, whose business isn’t in a healthy state, tend to blame the rise of Internet partly for the decrease of their revenues. As a consumer, I would say to them that hiringContinue reading “Lackadaisical Staffs At Canadian Tire”

Jealousy Is A Drug

All accomplished people have, at least, once been at the lowest point of both of their professional and personal lives. They all have learned a lesson or two, having lived through those unpleasant experiences. For many of them, one way of giving back to the society is through sharing with the public the life lessonsContinue reading “Jealousy Is A Drug”

Why So Cruel?

I know the world is cruel. Even so, some of the real life stories that I hear still make me question incessantly about how some of us can become so comfortably cruel towards others. I was listening to an interview given by a struggling local singer earlier this evening, during which she candidly shared withContinue reading “Why So Cruel?”

A Man At The Fruit & Vegetable Store

Living in an English-speaking country, I have noticed that one of most frequently happening and largely ignored discriminations is the one against someone, who speaks English with an accent. Unlike other types of discriminations, which usually come with a huge amount of sensitivities and can engender a wide scale of societal and political repercussions, discriminationContinue reading “A Man At The Fruit & Vegetable Store”

Once Good Friends, Now Strangers

I’ve been contemplating the reason why some of the people, who were once considered to be my good friends, are no longer by my side. Some of them were like big sisters to me. Some of them were like big brothers to me. They no longer are. I once had a “big sister”, who wasContinue reading “Once Good Friends, Now Strangers”

Reflection On My Journey As A Leader

It is never easy to take on a leadership position. As I look back on my journey as one of the leaders of a speaking club over the course of this past year, I realize how much encouragement and feedback given to me by fellow members have helped me grow as a person and becomeContinue reading “Reflection On My Journey As A Leader”