Attitude Is Everything

Many people in Toronto love to complain about the public transit services. Sure, it is not the fastest and the most efficient, but it is not the worst. Having lived in other cities and used the local public transit, I have learned to appreciate the one that I get to enjoy in my own town.Continue reading “Attitude Is Everything”

Move Your Body

As I’ve learned from my weight loss journey, physical exercises and predominantly green-based diets are the ultimate way to maintain not only a desirable physical appearance, but also a confident inner state in the long run. Wishful thinking won’t do a thing. Commercial statement, such as “I can wear this belt all day and won’tContinue reading “Move Your Body”


Fineness is in the details. Although many in today’s world are worshiping grandeur of all kinds as the standard of sexiness and attractiveness; however, it is the fineness of the small and the delicate that continues to exude a level of intricacy and attentiveness that nothing grandiose possesses. Grandeur isn’t indicative of true power andContinue reading “Fineness”

Look Beyond

When we see an interracial couple, we see colors. When we see parents with their baby, who is of a difference race, we see colors. Do we all have the capacity to look beyond the race and skin color? The answer is yes. Although race and skin color are personal traits that we notice firstContinue reading “Look Beyond”

Real-life Examples

Finding motivation to help us stay committed to a goal isn’t difficult. All we need to do is to be attentive and observant to our surrounding. Statistics and numbers won’t bring us the sense of relatability that we seek in real-life examples, with which we use to encourage ourselves. In our daily life, there areContinue reading “Real-life Examples”

Disentanglement Of Personal Pleasure From Business

Do you mix personal pleasure with professional business? A lot of people do it. They have done it so successfully that I was tempted to give it a try. I did give it a try. As a matter of fact, I’d given it several tries; unfortunately, I was made to realize quickly that I wasn’tContinue reading “Disentanglement Of Personal Pleasure From Business”

Taking Time To Live Life

I am into celebrity gossip. Through the years, one of the frequently asked questions to those singers or actors, who are able to convey and incarnate successfully the emotional sophistication of a song or a role has always been, “There is such an emotional depth in your interpretation. Did your draw it from your ownContinue reading “Taking Time To Live Life”

Present Predicament

I argued with my parents last night. It wasn’t because that we weren’t close; no! It wasn’t because that arguing is something that we enjoy doing when there’s nothing else to do in out spare time, no! It was because of a person, who’s been handling a very important business of ours for more thanContinue reading “Present Predicament”