Ultimate Sophistication

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication in life. Natural beauty, without the artificial layering of pretense, should be the beauty standard that we all appreciate and celebrate. When we have abundance in life, most of us, in times, tend to take it for granted. It is a snowy day in my beautiful city of Toronto. HavingContinue reading “Ultimate Sophistication”

Un Esprit Résilient

Quand vous avez l’anxiété avant le déroulement d’une tâche majeur, comment pouvez vous faire pour vous en débarrasser? Dans mon cas, j’aime regarder la performance sur la glace, présentée par la célèbre patineuse américaine, Michelle Kwan.     Michelle est équipée d’un esprit résilient que je désire. Son esprit résilient, accompagné de sa passion etContinue reading “Un Esprit Résilient”

Other People’s Expectations

Once I heard from a female talk show host, who said, “women don’t dress for men, but for other women.” Implication of her statement can either be women tend to have a better taste in fashion than men do, which I don’t agree with completely; or in order to impress others and to feel celebrated,Continue reading “Other People’s Expectations”

Live Your Dream

As human beings, we have a habit of seeking external recognition and appreciation to validate the things that we have done or are about to do. The truth of the matter is that external validation will be harder to find if we decide to live our dream. Living our dream requires the courage to breakContinue reading “Live Your Dream”

Donation Doesn’t Have To Be In Monetary Form

  In recent years, streets of Toronto are filled with donation collectors for various hospitals and charities. Their aggressive way of approaching passerby to ask for donation has turned many people off and away from this type of fundraising. I had been approached by several fundraisers before. Once they found out that I had notContinue reading “Donation Doesn’t Have To Be In Monetary Form”

A Different Take On New Year’s Resolution

Ever wonder why some of your new year’s resolution didn’t work in the past? Here might be the reason. According to author, Gerry Gavin, our brain, the master computer of our body, works within a different concept of time than our thoughts do. Our thoughts and brain are not the same. Thoughts are part ofContinue reading “A Different Take On New Year’s Resolution”

How Do You See Yourself?~Louise L. Hay

For generations, we have allowed the numbers that correspond to how many years we have been on the planet to tell us how to feel and how to behave. As with any other aspect of life, what we mentally accept and believe becomes true for us. Well, it is time to change our beliefs aboutContinue reading “How Do You See Yourself?~Louise L. Hay”