A Cookie

Holidays are for indulgence. It’s hard not to indulge a little bit more when our home is decked out in all kinds of deliciousness. One of my all-time favorite treats is shortbread cookie. I surely had indulged in it quite a bit over this past holiday season. Aside from the taste and the texture, whatContinue reading “A Cookie”

Winter Strides

One, two, three…one, two, three, a step at a time, we move closer to our final destination. The heavy winter boots may slow down our strides, the salt on the ground may create the noisy sound, the strong winter wind may blow forcefully to test our toughness, we still keep on walking, one, two, three…one,Continue reading “Winter Strides”

I Failed At Something Today, Again!

I failed at something today, something that I loved so much. It wasn’t the first time that I failed at doing this thing. It wasn’t the second time that I failed at it. It was the fourth time. Some, in my predicament, would have given up this seemingly unattainable goal. I, on the other hand,Continue reading “I Failed At Something Today, Again!”

True Inspiration

“Book Description   Olivia Chow—Member of Parliament, seasoned politician and widow of former New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton—tells her story in this candid memoir.   What drives Olivia Chow? How did she emerge from a turbulent childhood to become an inspiring political force? What influences and events have shaped her life? And how isContinue reading “True Inspiration”


In need of some motivation to stay physically active today? Please take a look at this pic, taken at my gym this morning. May you be inspired to persevere with all types of challenges, and to lead an active life!

Life, A Daring Adventure Or Nothing?

How many adventures has each one of you taken so far in your life? Was it worth the risk for you to have taken all those adventures, in your honest opinion? There are three major adventures that I’ve taken so far in my life. The first was in 2000 when I came to Canada aloneContinue reading “Life, A Daring Adventure Or Nothing?”

Live Your Life

Live your life! Have you been able to do it so far? It takes tremendous amount of discipline, courage and perseverance to lead an authentic life. As challenging and demanding as it seems, many just can not resist the feeling of being truly satisfied and fulfilled at the very bottom of their soul. It mayContinue reading “Live Your Life”