Dropping Off The Map

“Just thinking about you and wondering how you are doing…you kinda dropped off the map!” This is a Facebook message that I just received from the mom of a host family that I spent an entire summer with back in 1998 in southern California. It seems like a long time ago, yet the feelings andContinue reading “Dropping Off The Map”

A Pinwheel Toy

I saw a pinwheel toy in the snow in front of someone’s front yard this morning. The wheel, slowly and steadfastly, turned in the direction of the gentle winter breeze. I remembered that I used to have one of these toys in my childhood. I would carry it with me everywhere I went. To me,Continue reading “A Pinwheel Toy”

Our Past Is All Tainted

We all have imperfection in our personal history and private life. It is impossible to not have a bit of tainted past in our own life journey. We learn through observation, reflection and contemplation. All these self-examining acts would not have happened on our part if our past was a smooth sailing. When everything wasContinue reading “Our Past Is All Tainted”