Too Sexy, Too Soon

Our world is a one that capitalizes, predominantly, on women’s sexuality. Taking a look at the most commonly used adjectives employed in pop culture, words, such as sexy, hot, and body-hugging, all seem to provide us with a glimpse into this long-existing socially habitual convention. The word, sexy, in particular, is a controversial one. OnContinue reading “Too Sexy, Too Soon”

Facebook Allows Breastfeeding Photos

Not too long ago, decision made by social media companies, such as Instagram and Facebook, to delete pictures that contained exposure of a female nipple or photographic portrayal of a breastfeeding moment caused a huge controversy online. Many women, especially those, who were mothers, were outraged by this decision. In their opinions, breastfeeding a childContinue reading “Facebook Allows Breastfeeding Photos”

Too Many Icons And Heroes

There are way too many icons and heroes in today’s world. Why? Because people throw around these esteemed titles so easily these days that any one, who’s got the financial backing to hire a stylist can be labeled as a fashion icon, and any parent, who’s got three kids to take care of while jugglingContinue reading “Too Many Icons And Heroes”

Flexibility~Tao Te Ching

This verse speaks to the importance of flexibility and adaptability. I remember growing up, my parents would use every opportunity there was available to them to teach me the importance of being flexible and adaptable. I understood their messages just on a superficial level. They did everything for me. I wasn’t in a situation, whereContinue reading “Flexibility~Tao Te Ching”

Who Is A Hero?

“A hero is not someone, who is ‘perfect.’ We’d have no Heroes if this were the standard. We all make mistakes, but that doesn’t invalidate the contributions we make in the course of our lives. Perfection is not heroism; humanity is.”-Anthony Robbins

Personal Battery

“We take better care of our iPhone and blackberry than we do of ourselves. When an iPhone is low in battery, there’s a 20% or 10% warning. When I ran out of my own battery a few years ago, collapsing from exhaustion in a pool of blood with my chin bruised, I didn’t even knowContinue reading “Personal Battery”


Time is the most valuable commodity and determinant of this world. The immeasurable nature of time determines the measurable nature of the material world. Having enough time to wait, the value of the material objects increases. Not having enough time to enjoy, the increased value of the material objects means nothing. Donating time to anContinue reading “Time”