Life’s Q & A

What’s life? Is life all about rain and sunshine? What’s life? Is life all made up of the tangible and its intangible nemesis? What’s life? Is life all about living one’s own truth, while, simultaneously, doing one’s best to abide the rules set by others? What’s life? Is life all about counting the decades whileContinue reading “Life’s Q & A”

Family Drama

Not only is family a place, where love fest takes place, it can also be a hub, in which dramas escalate and hatreds spread in silence. The multi-layered complexity, which exists in a familial environment, can never be underestimated and ignored, even if we want to, because the cliché solution, such as ignorance is bliss,Continue reading “Family Drama”

Family Estrangement

As an adult, many concepts that once seemed too elusive to relate to have become the bits and pieces that make up my daily life. Love is no longer an unchanged paradise that I once dreamed of; money is no longer the ultimate key to access the secret room of a happy heart that IContinue reading “Family Estrangement”

Get Married In Twenties

I just watched Kevin O’Leary, a Canadian entrepreneur, investor, journalist, writer, financial commentator and television personality, express his personal view on marriage on a Canadian talk-show. Kevin said that one of the regrets that he had in life was that he didn’t get married in his twenties. According to him, if he had had his children in hisContinue reading “Get Married In Twenties”

Kids Do Need Their Own Privacy

What is like having so much space to oneself in a big house? I often wonder. Growing up in an apartment, where relatives would come by for meals on a daily basis, I’d never really felt that my personal privacy was respected by the adults in the family. Maybe they thought that kids didn’t needContinue reading “Kids Do Need Their Own Privacy”

A Teacher’s Confession

I was at a gathering last night, where one of the friends candidly shared the challenges that she sometimes faced as a female teacher. She spoke about the lack of respect, being given to her by some male students, due to her being a different gender. Education of respect starts from home. If a boyContinue reading “A Teacher’s Confession”