Value Of Money

A twelve-dollar movie ticket is a luxury. Years ago, a friend of mine told me that her aunt didn’t frequent movie cinema often, because it was too expensive. I was in disbelief. Like many teenagers, I didn’t understand the value of a total of twelve dollars. A decade later now, I do. Spending one orContinue reading “Value Of Money”

Marrying People Sans Fame Is Not A Noble Act

When is it that becoming a celebrity makes a person not ordinary? Why is it that when a famed person marries someone without public recognition makes him or her look extraordinary? Should someone sans fame feel grateful when he or she marries a celebrity, who doesn’t care about his or her ordinariness, and whose actContinue reading “Marrying People Sans Fame Is Not A Noble Act”

Life Begins Where Fear Ends

I just found this wallpaper in the Creative category of a free wallpaper iPhone app.  It is true that life begins where fear ends, only if this change in real life could be as seemingly easy and quick as these words suggest. Will fear ever end? I don’t know the answer. Some believe that itContinue reading “Life Begins Where Fear Ends”

C’est La Vie

Il est impossible de prédire ce qui aura lieu demain. La vie est tellement mystérieuse et imprévisible que je ne me sens impuissant et sans indice. Parfois dans la vie, nous rencontrons ceux et celles, qui, selon nous, ne sont pas aussi compétents que nous dans certains domaines de vie; cela dit, miraculeusement, ils orContinue reading “C’est La Vie”

Feeling Like An Invinsible Man

I love Canada, in particular the great city that I have been living in for over a decade. It is in Toronto, where I am introduced to my favorite Indian dessert, gulab jamun. It is in Toronto, where I am made to appreciate the legendary romanticism embedded in the French language. It is in Toronto,Continue reading “Feeling Like An Invinsible Man”


A picture says a thousand words. This one was taken in the backyard of my maternal grandma’s old house in her village years ago, during the new year celebration. I still remember that evening. My uncle was in charge of placing all the firecrackers around the backyard. My cousins and I were running back andContinue reading “Firework”

May We Be Restored

When we leave our home for another place, working hard to make our dream a reality, words of empowerment and support, at times, are more valuable and needed than any material compensation. As we grow older, even those non-believers among us start to develop a sense of curiosity in the invisible realm of this world.Continue reading “May We Be Restored”