Airport Seconds

My journey has no end and my life has no plan. I thought I had amassed a huge amount of wisdom to lead a life of content but only to find out that I was no more than an average Joe, who was struggling to find his way. Many people are walking past me. SomeContinue reading “Airport Seconds”


So many things to see and so many places to go, I wonder how we can do it all at once. We strive hard to be on par with our colleagues, while doing our best to nurture our specialty; I wonder if personal effort alone is enough to make us a standout among a seaContinue reading “Self-questioning”

Giving Up Opportunity Voluntarily

If others give you an opportunity, grab it! This is what most of us have been told. What if, just what if after we grabbed the opportunity by the horn and soon found out that we are incompetent to use this opportunity to its fullest potentials, should we give it up voluntarily? Earlier this year,Continue reading “Giving Up Opportunity Voluntarily”

Unfair Reality

Often wonder why so many opportunities are given to certain people in the public eyes, the likes of Lindsay Lohan, and crack consuming Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who are behaving badly and not necessarily being a good example to the general public. Some may argue that the reason why they are given so many opportunitiesContinue reading “Unfair Reality”