Early Morning Thought

Creating a family isn’t easy. Maintaining it is even harder. Maneuvering family dynamics is not a child’s play; as a matter of fact, the longer I live with my own, understanding its embedded dynamics, the more I feel like there’s a mandatory course needed in every school to teach all members of the society howContinue reading “Early Morning Thought”

A New Chapter (May 16, 2016)

On May 15, 2016, a lengthy and an emotionally tumultuous chapter of my life came to a temporary end. On May 16, 2016, a new one began. Starting anew is never easy, even if it takes place in a country that I once loved. Time and space can, inevitably, rid of our sense of old-timeContinue reading “A New Chapter (May 16, 2016)”

Should I Learn To Swear?

I have never been fond of using curse words to vent my negative emotions, because I find this type of self-expression to be indicative of bad manner. My family upbringing has wired me to consider those, who need to resort to use curse words to express their anger and frustration as uneducated; an unfair portrayalContinue reading “Should I Learn To Swear?”

Subway Train Ride

Standing on the inside of a subway train, inevitably, we will see some stranger in a conversation shaking his or her head, being a good listener to his or her friend’s stories. The facial expressions of the stranger usually is either happy or sad; business like or casual; amazed or frustrating; surprised with elation orContinue reading “Subway Train Ride”

Diplomatic Pretense

It is hard to see people’s true color in the real world. In the cyber world, it is a different story. Countless fake and private social media accounts provide those, who don’t feel comfortable expressing their disdain, with an outlet to vent their internally harbored negativity openly without having to worry about the individual repercussionContinue reading “Diplomatic Pretense”

Thought Of The Day

Love is beautiful. We can all agree on that. However, there is a time and a place for everything, including how and when it is appropriate to show love. Public display of affection is not unwelcome. If it is happening in a narrow space; more specifically, on a crowded street, where people are headed inContinue reading “Thought Of The Day”

Les Bon Conducteurs

Selon un article publié par L’Express France, le nombre des bons conducteurs se diminue. D’après cet article là, la raison pour laquelle un tel phénomène se constat est à cause d’individualisme et d’utilisation à outrance du téléphone au volant. Bien que cinq causes principales d’accidents mortels aient été identifiées, en fait, le ministère de L’IntérieurContinue reading “Les Bon Conducteurs”

Needed Bonding Time

Living in a patriarch society, we often hear that a man’s place is not in the kitchen. Due to this biased, patriarchal tradition, men are raised and taught to go out to the world to work so that their families can be supported. If we have lived for awhile, we all know that we canContinue reading “Needed Bonding Time”

Make A Wish

Our personal preferences are all somewhat alike and somewhat different. We distance ourselves from the kind of people that we don’t have any interest in, because we don’t want to “waste” our precious time. Although we all have the rights to not “waste” our previous time on people that we are not into; however, weContinue reading “Make A Wish”