We all have a cycle, where our luck is on the way up and a cycle, where our luck is on the way down. This is not a superstitious exaggeration, but rather a way of life. In this year of the goat, many will have to overcome obstacles that they didn’t foresee, while others willContinue reading “Goat”

Pencils In The Sky

I walked by an art school yesterday. I saw two pencils; pointed upwards, draw out a beautiful sunset in the sky. We use arts to express ourselves. We use arts to escape from mundaneness. We use arts to convey our fears. And we use arts to color the world with love. Looking upon the sunsetContinue reading “Pencils In The Sky”

New Steps

Beauty can be found in stillness. Beauty can also be found in movement. Stillness and movement form the rhythm of life. As we all begin taking steps into a new chapter of the worldly calendar, may our stillness and movement lead us to the fulfillment of our hopes and dreams.

Torontonian Fabric

Almost every major metropolis in the world has a landmark, some architectural structure that symbolically represents the city. In Toronto, CN Tower is that symbolic figure that flaunts the prides of the city, diversity, tolerance and perseverance, in their finest. Subtlety of the magnetic pull, which is brought to realization by all these Torontonian pridesContinue reading “Torontonian Fabric”