Quirkiness, we all have one. Some are more obvious, while others are more subtle. Over the years, I have gradually learned to appreciate and be proud of my quirkiness, unapologetically. It makes me stand out from a sea of crowd, where everyone is eager to assimilate. It makes me individually unique in a world, whereContinue reading “Quirkiness”

A Pop Culturist’s Take On The Greatest Love Of All

Today, I would like to write about an obvious yet neglected, an embarrassing yet enticing, a common yet bewildering, and a touching yet mockery-provoking subject, that is self-love. Self-love is not narcissism. Self-love isn’t the kind of excessive self-centeredness, exemplified so perfectly by countless bikini babes and shirtless hunks on Instagram. Self-love simply is, inContinue reading “A Pop Culturist’s Take On The Greatest Love Of All”