Am I Good Enough?

I oftentimes wonder, whether or not, that I am good enough to talk to certain people-the ones that I look up to for what they look like, for what they have accomplished, personally and professionally, or for the very matter of fact that they are in a position to offer me an opportunity, which canContinue reading “Am I Good Enough?”

Gene Moore & Afterthought On Being Imperfect

Why strive for perfection when being imperfect can galvanize the attention of an entire street? I learned yesterday that Gene Moore, the deceased legendary window display artist, who was instrumental in contributing to the iconic rise of Tiffany & Company in contemporary pop culture, broke the mode of his time, once he took over theContinue reading “Gene Moore & Afterthought On Being Imperfect”

Getting “Likes”

We share bits and pieces of our lives for different reasons on social media platforms. Some of us do it for vanity reason, while others do it simply because they are more into the actual experience of the process. Regardless of the reason why we decide to put a selfie, a tweet, a blog postContinue reading “Getting “Likes””

A Different Type Of Celebrity

There are certain celebrities, whose names alone can make you feel inspired and motivated. Michelle Kwan is one of them. Coming across an interview of hers on YouTube, accidentally, earlier this morning, not only was I once again made to reminisce about her past brilliance on ice, but I also was impacted profoundly by theContinue reading “A Different Type Of Celebrity”

A Guard Dog

To have a bit of fun in life is easy. We don’t have to spend tons of our nickels and dimes to get our groove on.  To be a bit of creative is not daunting. All we need is to firstly put our nagging self to rest for a few minutes so that we canContinue reading “A Guard Dog”

Climbing Stairs

We climb stairs everyday. Some of us do it for exercises, while others do it out of necessity and practicality. Looking at the stair-climbing experience through a pair of positive lenses, we understand the health and psychological benefits that come as a reward of staying physically active. Looking at the stair-climbing experience negatively, we can’tContinue reading “Climbing Stairs”