Are you on social medias? Do you do Throw Back Thursday or Flash Back Friday regularly? If you do, I am curious to know what prompted you to partake in your first ever throwback on social medias. What are your reasons? For me, it was a mixed bowl of feelings, such as nostalgia, excitement, curiosity,Continue reading “TBT & FBF”

A Morning Walk

One of the most priceless gifts that we can ever give to our loved ones is to spend time with them. We can all offer this gift, yet not all of us are consciously aware of its accessibility, necessity, and essentiality. Spend time with your loved ones today. Time is fleeting.

Le Rouge Et Le Blanc

Je n’ai vu le drapeau Canadien, pour la première fois, qu’il y avait des années. Je me souviens d’avoir été si fortement frappé par le vibrant rouge d’érable canadien, en le regardant. Avec la couleur blanche classique, la combinaison des couleurs du contraste, harmonisée par une simplicité du design ont réussi, ensemble, à faire leContinue reading “Le Rouge Et Le Blanc”

A Pinwheel Toy

I saw a pinwheel toy in the snow in front of someone’s front yard this morning. The wheel, slowly and steadfastly, turned in the direction of the gentle winter breeze. I remembered that I used to have one of these toys in my childhood. I would carry it with me everywhere I went. To me,Continue reading “A Pinwheel Toy”

A Teenage Crush

Teenage crush is fun. Teenage crush is cute. Teenage crush is a sweet memory that I will forever cherish. When I was a teenager, I had a huge crush on a girl in school. She wasn’t the prettiest. She wasn’t smartest. But she just had that “It” factor that other prettier and smarter girls didn’tContinue reading “A Teenage Crush”

House Chores

There are many things that can remind us of our family. When we are far away from our loved ones, the instant association of one object with one particular family member seems to happen that much more easily. In my case, instead of the instant object association, it is my daily juggling of house choresContinue reading “House Chores”