Kobe Doesn’t Have A Perfect Life

Kobe Bryant just announced that he would retire from playing basketball once the current season comes to an end. Earlier today on the morning radio waves, Kobe was praised and glorified by the hosts across the globe for his professional accomplishment to a point, where, as a listener, I was left with the impression thatContinue reading “Kobe Doesn’t Have A Perfect Life”

One Common Goal

Who says watching TV is a waste of time? Who says reality TV is a trashy genre? Although some shows do put the worst sides of human behaviors on shameless display; however, there are also some that aim to magnify the inspirational and courageous aspects of humanity. I am watching the first episode of MasterchefContinue reading “One Common Goal”

Feeling Like An Invinsible Man

I love Canada, in particular the great city that I have been living in for over a decade. It is in Toronto, where I am introduced to my favorite Indian dessert, gulab jamun. It is in Toronto, where I am made to appreciate the legendary romanticism embedded in the French language. It is in Toronto,Continue reading “Feeling Like An Invinsible Man”