Leçon du Jour

Rien n’est facile à accomplir dans la vie. Même si les tâches, qui nous paraissent sans défis, seulement en les faisant pourrons nous nous rendre compte de ses difficultés. Pour rendre les difficultés plus supportables à porter, nous avons tous besoin d’aide de temps en temps. Un partenariat mutuellement encourageant est quelque chose que j’aiContinue reading “Leçon du Jour”

Why Am I Into Journalism?

This morning, someone asked me why I was into journalism? Born and raised in an environment, where most people were brainwashed into upholding wholeheartedly the status quo of conformity, and where I felt constantly restricted from having enough free space to explore and be self-expressive, journalism was the medium, through which I got to learnContinue reading “Why Am I Into Journalism?”

Positively Wonderful

It is easier for me to hear criticism than to receive compliment. Growing up, quite often, daily parental disciplines usually came in the form of criticisms. I was told to always prepare myself for the worst scenario than to expect the best one. No wonder that it has become natural for me to mistake theContinue reading “Positively Wonderful”