Alternative Masculinity

Conventionally speaking, physical toughness and unemotionality sum up the basic essences of masculinity. This patriarch presupposition that men should always be both of the insider and the leader of a collective group not only denies the wider recognition of the diversity that exists under the conceptual umbrella of what constitutes a manly behavioral codes ofContinue reading “Alternative Masculinity”

Bond Girls

The history of Bond girls, the James Bond girls, was the main subject of a conversation that I just heard in a Swiss radio program. Each generation of the Bond girls was discussed and compared to a point, where I could no longer keep track of their names. All I could think about to myselfContinue reading “Bond Girls”

Figure Skating & Water

I just re-watched Patrick Chan’s spectacular performance at last year’s Figure Skating World Championship in Paris, France. I couldn’t help but be blown way again by the elegance, classiness and strength of this sport. In North American culture, figure skating is still considered as a feminine sport in the mind of many people. The charmingContinue reading “Figure Skating & Water”

Be Free From The Gender Binary Restrictions

“Do you like songs by Backstreet Boys?” “Do you enjoy practicing yoga?” These are the two questions that females anywhere will have no difficulty answering. If they were posed to North American men, the reaction might be different. Although they may enjoy Backstreet boys songs and practice yoga as much as their women do; however,Continue reading “Be Free From The Gender Binary Restrictions”

Modern Men’s Pressure

Is it weird for men to take care of themselves? Is it not manly enough for guys to pay extra attention to their physical appearance? Is it fair for women to mock at men for their inclination to move away from the “boys don’t cry” image to become more in tune with their soft side?Continue reading “Modern Men’s Pressure”