A Dancing Robot

What is art? Art is a form of self-expression-a visual representation of one’s deepest thoughts and idiosyncrasies. Some judge their own artistic self-expression high culture and others’ low culture against established standards. To me though, as long as an artwork is carefully crafted, whose presence arouses a certain je ne sais quoi in me, theContinue reading “A Dancing Robot”


Some people are beautiful. We crave for their attention, their touch and their promises to a point, where we are willing to give upon ourselves just to be included in their little universe. Some people are not so beautiful. For vanity reason, we might even purposely dissociate ourselves from them. Although their physical presence doesn’tContinue reading “Choices”

I Miss Canada

As I walk the streets of Hong Kong, I constantly feel the need to speed up my pace. Work gets done with upmost efficiency here. All types of dreams seem to begin and come to pass in an instant in this city. One blink of an eye can easily make us lose sight of somethingContinue reading “I Miss Canada”