Different Dogs, Different Lives

If you have ever been to some small cities in countries, such as China, you would probably be heartbroken by the sight of more than ten puppies jammed and cramped into a cage, waiting to be purchased by onlookers. The horrific hygienic condition, in which those puppies spend the most vulnerable period of their lives,Continue reading “Different Dogs, Different Lives”

The Times They Are a-Changin

“For the loser now/ Will be later to win/ For the times they are a-changin.” “Car le perdant d’aujourd’hui/ Sera le gagnant de damain/ Car les temps changent.” ~Bob Dylan

Complicated People

I am not sure if I am overly sensitive at times, or some people are just too complicated for me to understand them. Case#1: I know a very friendly guy, who always shows a great amount of respect and courtesy to whomever he encounters in person. He seems understanding of others’ point of view, andContinue reading “Complicated People”


Stereotypes can be so misleading. Stereotypes are never a just representation of any culture. By acting out or verbalizing stereotypes, what gets revealed is not the truth of the target; rather, the ignorance and limited worldview of the people, who are doing the stereotyping.  

Be The Type Of Person You Want To Meet

Be the type of person that you want to meet. I’ve been doing my best to incorporate this line of words into my daily conduct. Is it worth of practicing it? Yes! Is the daily practice of this line beneficial to the improvement of life’s quality? Yes! Is it easy to practice it? No! ItContinue reading “Be The Type Of Person You Want To Meet”

Burberry Chic

Burberry is such a chic fashion house! Every time when I come across its campaigns in either their store windows or magazines, I always wish that my wardrobe was mostly consisted of Burberry items. I love to dress well, because I firmly believe that the way we feel about ourselves, to a large extent, isContinue reading “Burberry Chic”

What A Bumpy TTC Ride Has Made Me Relearn

Many Torontonians complain about the services provided by Toronto Transit Commissions. For most of the dissatisfied customers, I’m sure that they would like to teach TTC staffs a few lessons. On this past Tuesday evening, I was made to relearn one of life’s valuable lessons while riding the Red Rocket. It was eleven o’clock inContinue reading “What A Bumpy TTC Ride Has Made Me Relearn”

Ultimate Sophistication

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication in life. Natural beauty, without the artificial layering of pretense, should be the beauty standard that we all appreciate and celebrate. When we have abundance in life, most of us, in times, tend to take it for granted. It is a snowy day in my beautiful city of Toronto. HavingContinue reading “Ultimate Sophistication”


In need of some motivation to stay physically active today? Please take a look at this pic, taken at my gym this morning. May you be inspired to persevere with all types of challenges, and to lead an active life!