May Day Contemplation

What was once elusive will eventually become one of the ordinaries. Personal experiences are the culprit in rendering a sense of day-to-day ordinariness to an object or a person that was once considered to be a myth or a legend, whose rarity and distance tended to conjure up an irresistible attraction that flamed the fireContinue reading “May Day Contemplation”


“Good relationships come not from being sincere and authentic but from the rituals we perform within them. Influence comes not from wielding power but from holding back. Excellence comes from what we choose to do, not our natural abilities. A good life emerges not from planning it out, but through training ourselves to respond wellContinue reading “Thought-provoking”


Growing up, have you ever wanted to be one of the cool kids? I have. When I was younger, being cool was my ultimate goal. What coolness meant to me then was everything superficial that I could show off to and flaunt in front of others. It was an ego trip that I fully enjoyed.Continue reading “Coolness”


Basements aren’t all scary and dark. Beauty can be found everywhere if we are willing to look at the situation through a different pair of lenses. We all have had times, being stuck in the basement in our own lives, physically or metaphorically speaking; a seemingly repressive experience, which has the potential to teach usContinue reading “Basement”

Facebook Allows Breastfeeding Photos

Not too long ago, decision made by social media companies, such as Instagram and Facebook, to delete pictures that contained exposure of a female nipple or photographic portrayal of a breastfeeding moment caused a huge controversy online. Many women, especially those, who were mothers, were outraged by this decision. In their opinions, breastfeeding a childContinue reading “Facebook Allows Breastfeeding Photos”


When we move to a new country, what we want the most, after the basic things are settled down, is assimilation. We want to become a member of the pack. We dislike being singled out as an outsider or someone different and foreign. Somehow, in trying to assimilate to the new culture, many of usContinue reading “Assimilation”

Move Your Body

As I’ve learned from my weight loss journey, physical exercises and predominantly green-based diets are the ultimate way to maintain not only a desirable physical appearance, but also a confident inner state in the long run. Wishful thinking won’t do a thing. Commercial statement, such as “I can wear this belt all day and won’tContinue reading “Move Your Body”