One Opinion In A Sea of Thousands

Have you ever been told that you are too ugly for something particular that captures your heart? Maybe not… maybe not in such a harsh language. That being said, I think that all of us have been told by some stranger, families, friends, even our inner self, at some point of our lives, that weContinue reading “One Opinion In A Sea of Thousands”

Life Is A Beautiful Struggle (Interpretation)

We hear often that life is a journey, and hence why every moment of it should be lived to the fullest. Agree. However, what we do not hear frequently enough is the saying, life is a beautiful struggle. Life is a beautiful struggle. Indeed! We should therefore have more compassion for ourselves, as a result.Continue reading “Life Is A Beautiful Struggle (Interpretation)”

The World Is Not Going To Fall Apart

Don’t live your life so cautiously. Loosen up more. Be more carefree. Even though life is tough at times; however, you still need to keep your mood in check and adjust it adequately so that it won’t impact the quality of your, as well as your parents’ lives.” These are some valuable life lessons, whichContinue reading “The World Is Not Going To Fall Apart”

Fresh Snow On A Spring Day

Fresh snow on a spring day, transition period is the most confusingly unpleasant. The old is still lingering around, having the unwillingness to let go of the past. The future is yet to establish itself completely, asserting, bit by bit, its influence and presence. I often encounter the kind of people, who reminds me ofContinue reading “Fresh Snow On A Spring Day”

More Than Enough

Having self-content is to know that we are more than enough. Having self-content is to know that insatiable pursuit of outside glory, validation and approval isn’t the most durable and healthiest way to lead our lives. We may be outshone by others’ star. Others’ physical stature may overshadow ours, still, if we keep reminding usContinue reading “More Than Enough”

I Now Understand

When I was little, I always wondered why many ballads were either about how hard it was to find love or how tough it was to break up. Now as an adult, I have finally understood the motives, the feelings, and the inspirations behind those songs. Meet Up and break up are definitely not easy.Continue reading “I Now Understand”

Directional Decision

Everyday, while being out and about in public, we can either get irritated easily by the small things that others do or make an effort to not let them bother us. The moment of choice is always just seconds away. Every new second is like a new starting point, where we can be headed downContinue reading “Directional Decision”