Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Have you been told not to sweat the small stuff? I am sure you have. I have, too. I am sure that almost all grown-ups have been told, at some point of our lives, that letting small, and insignificant annoyances disturb our peace of mind is just not worth it. If it is not aContinue reading “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff”

Big City Complexities, Big City Dreams

We attract what we are, as I often hear people say. But, we also attract what we aren’t. Why is that? Is it because we have confused ourselves with what we want with what we are? A friendly smile is not a welcoming sign for a cold shoulder. A courteous hello is not an invitationContinue reading “Big City Complexities, Big City Dreams”


Growing up, have you ever wanted to be one of the cool kids? I have. When I was younger, being cool was my ultimate goal. What coolness meant to me then was everything superficial that I could show off to and flaunt in front of others. It was an ego trip that I fully enjoyed.Continue reading “Coolness”

The Reason Why

It seems like everywhere I go in Toronto, unintentionally, I can always catch a glimpse of the silhouette of the CN Tower. Although it is no longer the world’s tallest tower; however, it remains an emblem of the great city of Toronto. In this great city of Toronto, the pace of living is rather fast.Continue reading “The Reason Why”

Waiting On Top Of A Bus Stop

Resting, waiting and having patience, whatever is going to come will arrive in time. Although it is hard to believe that things are working out for us behind the scene, although it is hard to have faith in the fruition of a dream when its footsteps are nowhere to be heard; however, we have gotContinue reading “Waiting On Top Of A Bus Stop”


Basements aren’t all scary and dark. Beauty can be found everywhere if we are willing to look at the situation through a different pair of lenses. We all have had times, being stuck in the basement in our own lives, physically or metaphorically speaking; a seemingly repressive experience, which has the potential to teach usContinue reading “Basement”

Attitude Is Everything

Many people in Toronto love to complain about the public transit services. Sure, it is not the fastest and the most efficient, but it is not the worst. Having lived in other cities and used the local public transit, I have learned to appreciate the one that I get to enjoy in my own town.Continue reading “Attitude Is Everything”

A Point In Life

Have you ever gotten to a point in your life, where it seems like people around you are moving on with their lives one way or another, and you are the only one, who is turning in a circle, not knowing how your future is going to unfold? I am at such a point currentlyContinue reading “A Point In Life”