Life’s Q & A

What’s life? Is life all about rain and sunshine? What’s life? Is life all made up of the tangible and its intangible nemesis? What’s life? Is life all about living one’s own truth, while, simultaneously, doing one’s best to abide the rules set by others? What’s life? Is life all about counting the decades whileContinue reading “Life’s Q & A”

Am I Good Enough?

I oftentimes wonder, whether or not, that I am good enough to talk to certain people-the ones that I look up to for what they look like, for what they have accomplished, personally and professionally, or for the very matter of fact that they are in a position to offer me an opportunity, which canContinue reading “Am I Good Enough?”

Moodiness Of Life

Does future seem less intimidating to us once one of our worst nightmares has been realized? Do we become more brave as a result of our being pushed to confront one of the worst case scenarios that life unveils to us? I think so. We become more courageous to put up with the moodiness ofContinue reading “Moodiness Of Life”

My Thought For Today

I woke up this morning and told myself to believe that everything would work out in my favor. It was a blind faith that I felt the need to hold on to. It was a leap of faith that I needed to take. I have done many things out of blind faith in my life.Continue reading “My Thought For Today”

Waiting Patiently

A friend is someone, who not only knows how to receive, but also remembers how to give. A good friend is someone, who not only respects the reciprocal nature of a relationship, but also understands the impact of the expression of gratitude, such as thank you. I have had so many, so called “friends”, whoContinue reading “Waiting Patiently”

Dance Freely

In kindergarten, I used to dance a lot. As one of the ‘principle’ dancers throughout my kindergarten career, I was able to hold onto this admirable status as I progressed from one grade to another. I loved dancing. But I didn’t know why. Now looking back on it, I’ve realized that my kindergarten dance madeContinue reading “Dance Freely”

Short-lived Elation

Majority of parents want their kids to be better and worldlier than they are. To achieve this goal, they willingly spend their life-saving, personal time, and energy on their kids. One day, the moment has finally arrived, where they realize that their kids have become the type of person that they hoped that they would.Continue reading “Short-lived Elation”

Honesty Between Parents And A Child

Is honesty the best policy in between a child and his parents? In childhood, I believe that it is. In adulthood, I doubt it. As a child, we were constantly learning. Like a sponge, we absorbed everything that our parents taught us. We took our parents’ teachings as gospels that not a single word spokenContinue reading “Honesty Between Parents And A Child”

How To Come Up With Words Of Wisdom

Have you ever wondered how come some people are able to come up with amazing words of wisdom that can influence profoundly millions of others? I have. I’ve recently come to a conclusion that their spark of genius is usually a side benefit of having sailed through the twist and turn of life and dealtContinue reading “How To Come Up With Words Of Wisdom”

Making Room For Pedestrians

Does it take much to make room for other pedestrians in the street so that they can walk past without bumping into us with one of their shoulders or side of body? No! Since making room for other pedestrians isn’t at all a costly thing to do, why don’t we do it then? We don’tContinue reading “Making Room For Pedestrians”