Moodiness Of Life

Does future seem less intimidating to us once one of our worst nightmares has been realized? Do we become more brave as a result of our being pushed to confront one of the worst case scenarios that life unveils to us? I think so. We become more courageous to put up with the moodiness ofContinue reading “Moodiness Of Life”

I Do Not Understand Life…

I do not understand life, no matter how many times I have tried. Maybe, life is not meant to be understood in its totality, because if it was that easy to grasp its grandiose depth and width, where would all those articulate reflection and heartfelt retrospection come from? That being said, I do wish thatContinue reading “I Do Not Understand Life…”

A Forced Future

What is a forced future? A forced future is a future that is imposed upon us either by destiny; elements that are just simply out of our control or by people that we encounter in our lives, who have the foresight, resources, or power that we do not possess to influence, and subsequently determine theContinue reading “A Forced Future”

Canada’s Election 2015 Actors=Politicians

Canada’s main political party leaders are headed into their final debate on this Friday evening before October 19th, the chosen federal election date. Political campaigns are at times like a series of soap opera, which are oftentimes filled with attacks, backstabbing, badmouthing, revelations, and endless dramas. In general, people tend to laugh at actors, whoContinue reading “Canada’s Election 2015 Actors=Politicians”


Growing up, have you ever wanted to be one of the cool kids? I have. When I was younger, being cool was my ultimate goal. What coolness meant to me then was everything superficial that I could show off to and flaunt in front of others. It was an ego trip that I fully enjoyed.Continue reading “Coolness”

Why Did I Even Care

As I look back on our younger years, I tend to wonder why I gave a damn on certain people and experiences in my life. Why did I try so hard to please that particular person, knowing well at the back of my head that we didn’t have the chemistry to be friends? Why didContinue reading “Why Did I Even Care”

Getting In Touch With Sorrow Is Not A Waste Of Time

The most priceless commodity in the universe is time. No amount of money and plastic surgery can permanently turn back the hands of time. In the opinion of many, the way to truly appreciate this priceless commodity is to live it to the fullest by filling every of its second with only the happy andContinue reading “Getting In Touch With Sorrow Is Not A Waste Of Time”

Creative Approach

To learn something new requires innovative approach. Like many things in life, one type of learning approach isn’t suitable for everyone. When it comes my studying, in particular my learning of French, I like to be pragmatic. In other words, I would like to learn the type of french that native-speakers use on a dailyContinue reading “Creative Approach”

Se Relever

Years ago when I first started to learn French, my vocabularies were so limited that I wasn’t able to read or comprehend anything written in length. Despite the obstacle, my desire to read in French was so strong that I just didn’t want to give upon it. One day, while wandering in the campus bookstore,Continue reading “Se Relever”