What is your nature? Decent, good and one of a kind? What is my nature? I would say that generous, timid and sensitive. Mother Nature is all those things and more, because Mother Nature is all encompassing and omnipresent.  Mother Nature is never stagnant. She is always changing. Does this fundamental truth also suggest thatContinue reading “Nature”

Let Go & Refocus

When we are not feeling at our best, admittedly or not, we have a strange tendency to use every opportunity there is available to make us even more irritated and angrier. Surprise? Not really! The sight of a pair of kissing lovers annoys us; the blinding flash of the exterior of a fancy car irritatesContinue reading “Let Go & Refocus”

Negative Self-talk

I feel sympathetic toward people, who look down on themselves. As someone, who self-criticizes often, I understand the frustration of having aspiration yet being incapable of obtaining it at the same time. Having negative self-talk is not fun, because who wants to suffer, while others are having the time of their lives all around us?Continue reading “Negative Self-talk”

Time Machine

Many people would like to use time machine to travel back in time to discover personally how our world came into existence. Others, like me, would like to use time machine to travel to the future to see, with our naked eyes, how our destiny unfolds as it is designed to. For those, who objectContinue reading “Time Machine”

Friend With Ulterior Motive

There are real friends and fake friends. Real friends call us to give us well wishes with no ulterior motive. Fake friends call us to give us well wishes with the intention of manipulating us amicably for their own benefits. Yesterday was the second day of Lunar New Year. A friend of my parents’ calledContinue reading “Friend With Ulterior Motive”