Should I Learn To Swear?

I have never been fond of using curse words to vent my negative emotions, because I find this type of self-expression to be indicative of bad manner. My family upbringing has wired me to consider those, who need to resort to use curse words to express their anger and frustration as uneducated; an unfair portrayalContinue reading “Should I Learn To Swear?”

Nous Pouvons Être Nos Propres Freins

En essayant à faire quelque chose de nouveau pour la première fois n’est pas qu’une tâche facile à accomplir. Très souvent, ça nous demande beaucoup de courage et de motivation. Bien si que le premier pas nous semble impossible à prendre, cela dit, nous savons intuitivement, au fond de nous, que nous ne soyons prèsContinue reading “Nous Pouvons Être Nos Propres Freins”

Creative Approach

To learn something new requires innovative approach. Like many things in life, one type of learning approach isn’t suitable for everyone. When it comes my studying, in particular my learning of French, I like to be pragmatic. In other words, I would like to learn the type of french that native-speakers use on a dailyContinue reading “Creative Approach”

On Se Trompe Volontairement

Quand on se trompe, la plupart de temps, on en a la conscience. La moitié du temps, si on avait vraiment désiré, les erreurs auraient pu être évitées. Malgré les chances disponibles de ne pas nous mettre sous une circonstance désagréable et regrettable, on s’avance, quand même, à réaliser ce qui n’est pas bon dansContinue reading “On Se Trompe Volontairement”

但愿人长久 (May We Last Forever)

Today is last day of Chinese Lunar New Year celebration. On this special occasion, people of Chinese ancestry, who are separated from their loved ones tend to listen to this classic song. It’s translated into English as “May We Last Forever”. Its lyric comes from an ancient poem, written by the famed Chinese poet, SuContinue reading “但愿人长久 (May We Last Forever)”

Heightening Competitive Edge

Many retail stores in Yorkville have on their display windows greeting in Mandarin, wishing their Chinese clientele a happy lunar new year of horse. A decade ago, learning a foreign language seemed like a luxury to many. In 2014, having the ability to speak a second language has become a must if we want toContinue reading “Heightening Competitive Edge”

Perfect Relationship

Society likes to dictate what a perfect relationship is. According to author, Jesse Nichols, we should not allow others’ idea of what a perfect relationship is to influence our own. Jesse says that a perfect relationship is individually defined. When we find a partner, with whom we can be ourselves with no pretense of anyContinue reading “Perfect Relationship”