Facebook Allows Breastfeeding Photos

Not too long ago, decision made by social media companies, such as Instagram and Facebook, to delete pictures that contained exposure of a female nipple or photographic portrayal of a breastfeeding moment caused a huge controversy online. Many women, especially those, who were mothers, were outraged by this decision. In their opinions, breastfeeding a childContinue reading “Facebook Allows Breastfeeding Photos”


Parents worry, at times, that their children don’t grow up fast enough. In wanting to squeeze the maturity out of their kids, parents purposely nudge their kids incessantly through uttering gentle words of caring in hopes of their worrisome messages are being conveyed successfully. Once the kids are mature, they themselves complain the fast passageContinue reading “Racing”

Creative Approach

To learn something new requires innovative approach. Like many things in life, one type of learning approach isn’t suitable for everyone. When it comes my studying, in particular my learning of French, I like to be pragmatic. In other words, I would like to learn the type of french that native-speakers use on a dailyContinue reading “Creative Approach”

Commitment One-On-One

Sometimes, when we are not as competitive and qualified as others are on paper, all we have left is our commitment. Commitment is not something that can be verbalized solely on our lips. Its impact is mainly made through our demonstration in real life. Making a commitment is easy, practicing and keeping it is not.Continue reading “Commitment One-On-One”

You Don’t Need To Bear It All To Be Sexy

This morning, I walked past a girl in the street. This girl was wearing a pair of short short jeans and only a white bra. She was a fit and nice-looking girl. That being said, if I had the chance, would I want her to be my girlfriend? No! Growing up, none of the femaleContinue reading “You Don’t Need To Bear It All To Be Sexy”

Never Underestimate Your Personal Experiences

It doesn’t take much to be inspirational. It is not difficult to make a positive impact in the life of others. All you have to do is Be Yourself! Being who you are with no pretension, sharing the ups and downs of your personal roller-coaster ride is the most effective way to create deep resonanceContinue reading “Never Underestimate Your Personal Experiences”

Mixing Cultures

Mixing cultures isn’t easy, though it might seem easier said than done. For a long time, my parents have been telling me to mix the Eastern culture with the Western one. Having been doing my best for more than a decade to achieve some sort of harmony in between these two cultures, I have yetContinue reading “Mixing Cultures”