Perceptions, Not Facts

Is first impression everything? Yes, it pretty much is in this era, because first impression; or rather, others’ perception of us, can either help us start a career or make us become the face of stereotypes that are narrow-mindedly fabricated on the basis of our ethnicity, gender, class, or other variables. People do not likeContinue reading “Perceptions, Not Facts”


Mannerism is important. Good mannerism is partially a contributing factor to making a good and lasting first impression. As someone, who cares about how to behave and talk appropriately in public, I tend to be quite judgy when it comes to how strangers present themselves in a public setting. Regardless of who we are andContinue reading “Mannerism”

Have Sympathy

When you hear a foreigner try to communicate in your mother tongue with a heavy accent, do you judge him or her silently in your head, or do you hold a level of sympathy in your heart for that person? Learning a foreign language is never an easy task. One’s linguistic predisposition and learning capacitiesContinue reading “Have Sympathy”


Quite often, our negative feeling towards others is rooted in our insecurities. We assume the facts, because we don’t want to appear as uninformed and vulnerable; we judge others, because we want to be seen as moralistically superior; we hurt others because we’ve been hurt before; and we speak down to others because we’ve mistakenContinue reading “Insecurities”

Modern Men’s Pressure

Is it weird for men to take care of themselves? Is it not manly enough for guys to pay extra attention to their physical appearance? Is it fair for women to mock at men for their inclination to move away from the “boys don’t cry” image to become more in tune with their soft side?Continue reading “Modern Men’s Pressure”