Une Nouvelle Chose

Nous devons tous nous pousser à apprendre les nouvelles choses dans chaque chapitre de notre vie. Nous le faisons soit pour les intérêts personnels soit pour les raisons professionnelles. Quoi qu’il en soit, il faut que nous ayons le courage de nous placer dans un endroit, qui nous paraît inconfortable.

Environmentalism Of The Mind

“Studying technology is like ‘environmentalism of the mind,’ the writer Clive Thompson says. Indeed, Sherry Turkle likens the perils of digital media to climate change: The upside is immediate, the worst problems are far off, and the industry lacks the incentive to change. Another popular analogy compares digital media to the food industry. ‘Just asContinue reading “Environmentalism Of The Mind”

A Rude Jennifer Lawrence

There are so many different ways to be one’s authentic self. It can either be sharing our opinions unapologetically in a debate, modeling our sartorial persuasion flamboyantly, or conjuring up a culinary feast that is not only pleasing to the naked eyes, but also comforting to our taste buds. As great as it is toContinue reading “A Rude Jennifer Lawrence”

Why Am I Into Journalism?

This morning, someone asked me why I was into journalism? Born and raised in an environment, where most people were brainwashed into upholding wholeheartedly the status quo of conformity, and where I felt constantly restricted from having enough free space to explore and be self-expressive, journalism was the medium, through which I got to learnContinue reading “Why Am I Into Journalism?”

Kobe Doesn’t Have A Perfect Life

Kobe Bryant just announced that he would retire from playing basketball once the current season comes to an end. Earlier today on the morning radio waves, Kobe was praised and glorified by the hosts across the globe for his professional accomplishment to a point, where, as a listener, I was left with the impression thatContinue reading “Kobe Doesn’t Have A Perfect Life”