Sea Sight

Many people long for a life in the big city. All the bustling and hustling create a kind of tangible excitement, which can easily get a small town boy or girl filled up with hopes and dreams. Big city dwellers, who have gotten used to the noise of all those bustling and hustling, long forContinue reading “Sea Sight”

Rhythmic Strokes

With each and every gentle pull of strings, a deeply felt emotion is expressed. With each and every gentle scratch of strings, a deep-seated belief is portrayed. A rhythmic artwork that’s floating in the air and a melodic synergy that’s nudging our heart’s strings. Although its delectability can’t be visually savoured; however, its essence isContinue reading “Rhythmic Strokes”

A Dancing Robot

What is art? Art is a form of self-expression-a visual representation of one’s deepest thoughts and idiosyncrasies. Some judge their own artistic self-expression high culture and others’ low culture against established standards. To me though, as long as an artwork is carefully crafted, whose presence arouses a certain je ne sais quoi in me, theContinue reading “A Dancing Robot”

L’odeur Villageoise

La vie ne me paraît qu’aussi simple dans le village. Il n’y a pas de flux des gens, qui sont en trains de se ruer dans les différentes directions. L’odeur villageoise ne me fait nostalgique à qu’une époque, où j’étais un garçon, qui n’avait pas encore eu de la chance de m’exposer au monde d’extérieur.Continue reading “L’odeur Villageoise”

Airport Seconds

My journey has no end and my life has no plan. I thought I had amassed a huge amount of wisdom to lead a life of content but only to find out that I was no more than an average Joe, who was struggling to find his way. Many people are walking past me. SomeContinue reading “Airport Seconds”

Au revoir 2016

Au revoir 2016, c’est la dernière soirée que tu n’es d’ici qu’avec moi. Tu m’as tant changé tout au long de ton séjour, et Je n’en suis pas sûr s’il était pour le meilleur ou pour le pire. Au revoir 2016, c’est le temps de partir pour toi. En ayant voyagé avec toi, j’ai exploréContinue reading “Au revoir 2016”


Some people are beautiful. We crave for their attention, their touch and their promises to a point, where we are willing to give upon ourselves just to be included in their little universe. Some people are not so beautiful. For vanity reason, we might even purposely dissociate ourselves from them. Although their physical presence doesn’tContinue reading “Choices”