Autumnal Stunners

I stumbled upon a few trees yesterday, bathing in the autumn sun. They were so beautiful. The sparkles of the sun ray intersected with the golden glow of the autumnal essence just filled the atmosphere with a sense of romance and seasonal wonder. Those trees were not one of those rarities, which could only beContinue reading “Autumnal Stunners”


Some people use tattoos to show off their coolness. Others get inked up to commemorate someone or something special in their lives. Our specialness lies in the reality that no matter how similar we are perceived to be, none of us are exactly alike. Our own IT factor can never be 100% replicated by otherContinue reading “Tattoos”

Trend Benefit Collector

Trend comes and goes. In a world, where trend galvanizes major attention in every aspect of the modern life, it is hard to resist the opinionated temptation, crusaded by the so-called trend watchers and trend experts. Every year-end, countless media outlets would come up with numerous predictions and trend forecasts for the year ahead. ToContinue reading “Trend Benefit Collector”

A Teenage Crush

Teenage crush is fun. Teenage crush is cute. Teenage crush is a sweet memory that I will forever cherish. When I was a teenager, I had a huge crush on a girl in school. She wasn’t the prettiest. She wasn’t smartest. But she just had that “It” factor that other prettier and smarter girls didn’tContinue reading “A Teenage Crush”

How To Be Impressive

Being impressive at a particular task or in a special role is all about us putting in the hard work, while being who we are authentically. In so doing, we personify more vividly and embody more clearly that the “IT” factor that is uniquely our own. Many basketball players can play as well as MichaelContinue reading “How To Be Impressive”