Individual Viewpoint

Some may look at this image and say to themselves, “Fake bear,” while others may look at it and say, “Wow, that’s so cool and creative.” We all have our own way of interpreting what we see, what we hear, and what we sense. One is not better than another, because, after all, we areContinue reading “Individual Viewpoint”

Love Is Blind

Love is blind. These three words tellingly capture the inexplicable nature of a loving state. Whether it’s one’s love for another human or place, the tingling feeling that comes from being poked by the sword of Aphrodite is hard to resist. I love Toronto. The freedom felt in the air and the clearness seen inContinue reading “Love Is Blind”


Time is the most valuable commodity and determinant of this world. The immeasurable nature of time determines the measurable nature of the material world. Having enough time to wait, the value of the material objects increases. Not having enough time to enjoy, the increased value of the material objects means nothing. Donating time to anContinue reading “Time”

Forever Is A Long Time

Are of us meant to be spending our whole life with people that we love? Is our promise to be by each other’s side till deaths do us apart the best way to prolong a lifetime of eternal happiness? Or rather, should we change the way we think, habitually, by becoming more realistic about theContinue reading “Forever Is A Long Time”

Taking Time To Live Life

I am into celebrity gossip. Through the years, one of the frequently asked questions to those singers or actors, who are able to convey and incarnate successfully the emotional sophistication of a song or a role has always been, “There is such an emotional depth in your interpretation. Did your draw it from your ownContinue reading “Taking Time To Live Life”

May We Be Restored

When we leave our home for another place, working hard to make our dream a reality, words of empowerment and support, at times, are more valuable and needed than any material compensation. As we grow older, even those non-believers among us start to develop a sense of curiosity in the invisible realm of this world.Continue reading “May We Be Restored”

Live Your Dream

As human beings, we have a habit of seeking external recognition and appreciation to validate the things that we have done or are about to do. The truth of the matter is that external validation will be harder to find if we decide to live our dream. Living our dream requires the courage to breakContinue reading “Live Your Dream”

Speaking Is An Art

Speaking is an art. The choice of words is an art. The way, in which ideas get across to others, is an art. We have all hurt someone with our words before. If you have not, you are given an art of speech that you should be appreciative of. Art comes in many forms. RegardlessContinue reading “Speaking Is An Art”

A Dreamy Reality

“Make your life a dream, and a dream, a reality.”- Antoine de Saint Exupéry How many of us have this aspiration for ourselves? I certainly do! I love having dreams. Because dreaming provides me with the necessary motivating force, propelling me to go after what I want for myself in this life time. Whether itContinue reading “A Dreamy Reality”