A Chapel Visit

Life isn’t fair, but the good people will win in the end. This is a line that stuck with me from a commencement speech, given by a prominent TV personality in Montreal to the graduates of Concordia University. This sentence reminds me of my maternal grandmother, who had recently passed away, as well as ofContinue reading “A Chapel Visit”

Eyes On Reality

Eyes are windows to our soul. In a blink of a second, a magical yet unspoken, intuitive connection can be established. Some of our eyes are brown. Some are blue. And, some are somewhere in between. Although all eyes are born with the same functions and abilities; however, not all are being celebrated equally, ofContinue reading “Eyes On Reality”

Being Found in Incessant Rotation

We traverse the world to find ourselves. Some of us can be found in a moment of awakening, some of us can be found in a moment of solitude, and, some of us can never be found in an entire lifetime. The world is immense. In its incessant rotation, our own identity provides us withContinue reading “Being Found in Incessant Rotation”

Climbing Stairs

One step, two steps, three steps…it doesn’t matter who we are and where we are from, we all have our own stairs to climb. Climbing seems and sounds easy, but in reality, is rather taxing. Every upward and downward movement that we make forces us to understand the inevitability and necessity of shedding sweats andContinue reading “Climbing Stairs”